• Modern Love Summer School: Free Styling Open Space

Modern Love Summer School: Free Styling Open Space

dinsdag: 19:00

Locatie: Mandril - Cultural and Political Centre

Donation based

Dates: 10 July; 17 July; 24 July; 31 July; 7 August; 14 August
Time 19.00-22.00

Come and join us this summer for lessons on Modern Love at the wonderful safe place of Mandril Cultural and Political Centre!

Modern love nowadays can feel like a complicated minefield. 
There is the journey of defining one’s (gender & sexual) identity. This happens while exploring one’s curiosities, wishes and boundaries. It takes place in a confusing world of ‘swiping’, ‘ghosting’, FOMO, YOLO and#metoo
Connecting to other people is a challenge, to say the least.

This summer we create together an opportunity to exchange about this conundrum in a safe atmosphere. 
We invite you to set a few practical steps towards insights & skills in how to be equally relaxed and confident. Reaching beyond this safe space, into your love connections and even the public spaces of your world.

Everyone is welcome, especially if you ever felt unsafe, while living in Maastricht. Feel free to bring someone along that could benefit from this practice.

Each week we will be offering 2 of 3 Workshops. 
Every other week there will be a Moon Party.
All events are fully clothed, there is no sex, nor play.
We cherish a Safe environment with Respect for boundaries & an explicit consent practice.

Leave all your -isms at the door and come join us!

Remember, the Mandril is a non-profit non-hierarchical volunteer runned space, you are part of it once you enter.
Please respect the host thus keeping the space clean in and outside, thank you!

Hosted by: (Q)Irina, Roma Love Activist, Body student, Queer connectivist & smelly sensualist

Everything is donation based.